There are many different types of signs depending on your needs and the look that you want. Here is some information about the most popular types of signs that we make.
Types of SIGNS
Channel letter signs are the standard in signage at the moment. This signs are very pleasing to the eye and they allow for many different looks and styles. Channel letter signs are custom made and come in many sizes, colors, and styles.
Light Box SIGNS
Light box signs are a rectangular or square boxes with a polycarbonate face and graphics. The graphics can be digitally printed on vinyl and then applied to the face or cut out vinyl. The box contains LED lights inside for a face lit sign.
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Neon signs are a classic that is still loved by all. The colors, style, and look of neon signs is unique and makes for beautiful signs. Neon signs can be used indoors or outdoors.
Dimensional signs are the solution when a 3D or multi layer look is desired. Dimensional signs are made of plastic or metal that is router-cut or laser-cut to make the desired text and shapes. These types of signs are mainly used indoors and often in- stalled flush to the wall or with standoffs. Dimensional signs can be used outdoors as well.
Wall and window decals can be digitally printed vinyl or just colored vinyl. The aplication can also be in a full wrap, partial wrap, logos, graphics and images, text, and cut out.
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